Contributions to Science 7(2)

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We are pleased to inform you that the Volume 7 Issue 2 of Contributions to Science has just been published.

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(December 2011)

 Cover: All the participants and assistants to the inauguration of the Centenary of the Societat Catalana de Biologia (Catalan Society for Biology, SCB). The Society for Biology of Barcelona, the first affiliated society of the Institute for Catalan Studies, was initially presided by August Pi i Sunyer. In the beginning it was focused mainly in medicine, and after just a few years, gained a prominent role as a scientific institution. Through the Society passed some of Spain’s most outstanding scientists, including Severo Ochoa and Gregorio Marañón, and foreign scientists, such as J.J. McLeod, Otto Meyerhof or Jean Perin. Currently, the SCB is an affiliated society of the Biological Sciences Section of the IEC, is composed of more than fifteen hundred members, seven regional sections throughout the territories of Catalan language and culture, five transversal sections and fifteen thematic sections. In recent years, renowned personalities such as Lynn Margulis, Mariano Barbacid, Eudald Carbonell, John Ingraham, Stanley Miller, Federico Mayor Zaragoza and Valentí Fuster have been related to the SCB. Photo: Miquel Coll-

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